Re: (IAAC) Re: [bigdob] The Antennae in Corvus (vs. other nearby galaxies)

Lew Gramer wrote:
> A thread has sprung up on the 'bigdob' mailing list about the Antennae or
> "Ringtail Snorter" galaxies, NGC 4038/4039, down near the Crv/Crt border.
> Amir Bernat quite rightly asks:
> >Maybe you could compare [the Antennae] with another galaxy [for visibility]?
> Amir, that's a wonderful question. Again, because of the wide variability of
> observers' conditions (and especially these objects' elevation), as well as
> the wide variety of observers' experiences, it is a tough query to answer.
My best view of the Antennae was at the 1995 Winter Star Party where I had the
pleasure of seeing these interacting galaxies through the 36" f/5 Yard Scope,
which was still owned by Tom Clark at the time.  NGC 4038/9 looked remarkably like
a pair of human lungs to me.
From the ASH Naylor Observatory (http://www.astrohbg.org) they are a somewhat
difficult objects through a 17" f/15 classical Cassegrain under magnitude 5 to 5.5
Dave Mitsky
Harrisburg, PA
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