Re: (IAAC) Obj: Unkn own - Inst: aperture=3.5 700mm Focal Length, tr

Ok I now really feel dumb.  The object I was observing the entire time WAS M5.
I looked through the binocs tonight and what do I see?  The blur is in the spot where M5 is supposed to be.  I then compared the object with an image of M5 and they looked similar.  I then zoomed in to 120x and could tell it was M5 I was looking at the entire time.
You know something else I just found out tonight?  My finderscope does not show in relation to my actual telescope.  My finderscope is mirrored, while my scope is mirrored and flipped.  That had me all screwed up!!  I now know what it was I am looking at.
Now can you tell I am real new to astrology and telescopes?  I will be getting a hp Omnibook 5700 within the week.  It's primary use?  Astrology.  It will come out with me when I go out to the rural areas I stargaze from.
Sorry for all of the confusion, but hey  M5 is definitly a site to look at if I can see it with my little scope :-)

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