Re: (IAAC) Obj: Unkn own - Inst: aperture=3.5 700mm Focal Length, tr

Hi Mark,
AHA!, so, my post with the image attachment was based on the incorrect co-ords, the nearest  object to M5 that I could find was PAL 5
A Globular cluster which is south of M5 and is mag 11, which at first glance would seem to be  in the range of you scope, but when I downloaded an Image of it, it was very very faint, it is a cluster that is extremely thin in stars and I doubt if I could see it under ideal conditions with an 8" scope, never mind a 3" I think that's the important thing here, your aperture has definite limitations so whatever you saw will have to be within it's grasp and really there is nothing I can find any where near m5 that fits the bill, If it is clear out here tonight I might try and have a look, (got work tomorrow) you might want to try downloading some images yourself, try this site   http://archive.eso.org/dss/dss     select display as a gif image, you can save it to disk if you want once you've seen it then.  Kim Gowney.
ps, all my searches were done using Skymap pro7
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Hi All
I feel real stupid, I had the wrong numbers earlier on the object I see.
Here are the new numbers, and these are 100% correct, I triple checked before I posted them :)
RA:  15h 14m 52.85s
DEC:  0.255
Time:  23 EST 05/12/01  ||  0300 UT 05/13/01
Constellation:  Serpens Caput
It is real close to M5 ( I did verify the object isn't M5 )
Here is the latest pic of the Home Planet Pic I made showing the location of the object. ( Circled area and Red dot represents the object)
Someone take a peek at that and let me know what it is.  The only thing I am showing in that area is M5

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