(IAAC) Atlanta Astronomy Expo - 5 May 2001

The Atlanta Astronomy Club is co-hosting the first annual Atlanta Astronomy
EXPO with Agnes Scott College in Decatur,GA on Saturday May 5, 2001 at Agnes
Scott College's Bradley Observatory.
Speakers will include Mel Bartels, Chris Butler, Chris DePree, David Hanon,
Richard Jakiel, Michael Covington and Philip Sacco.
There will also be planetarium shows, poster displays, vendors, art works,
books, Door prizes and a swap meet - there is something here for everyone!
Our mission is to provide a forum for amateurs, professionals, and the
Atlanta community in an effort to bring an increasing awareness of astronomy
to the Atlanta public!
Mark your calendars, join in the fun, and come support your Hobby! Watch for
flyers and details.
Ticket prices at the door are $10 for adults and $5 for students.
There will also be an Astro-Imaging Contest. There are three categories.
The first category is Photography. Second category is CCD or Video imaging.
The third category is Other. This includes drawings, sketches, paintings,
models, or sculptures of planets, moons, galaxies, star clusters (open or
globular), or nebula (reflection, planetary, or emission). There will be a
prize awarded for each category. Prizes to be announced later. The items
will be displayed in the hallway areas of Bradley Observatory the day of the
event and judged at that time. See Rich Jakiel for more information on the
See the Atlanta Astronomy Club website for more information at
http://www.atlantaastronomy.org/ .
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