Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC2903 - Inst: 30cm f/10 MEADE LX200

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> >(After dark adaptation I covered the observing eye for a minute or two, 
> >quickly looked at the galaxy and the spiral structure is visable for a 
> >then fades into a featurless oval with a brighter nucleus, this can be 
> >several times before fatigue overcomes the detail)
>Jim, I wanted to thank you for contributing your fine, detailed logs with 
>30cm SCT... Also, I was intrigued by the above comment, regarding loss of 
>light sensitivity *while* looking through the eyepiece! What do you think 
>the causes of that effect in this particular case? Was it that stray light 
>your observing location was seeping into your eye during the observation? 
>perhaps light being scatter down the tube of the SCT from some distant 
>trespass source? If it was either of these, then shielding may help you to 
>more detail in future! (Adding a longish dew shield to the front of your 
>to avoid light scatter; or covering your whole head with a black 
>cloth, if light seepage was a problem.)
>Or is it possible that the effect you describe was actually due to a bright
>field star, or true sky brightness in the field of view? If this is the 
>I'll have to confess that I've never noticed this effect! But your solution
>of applying the eyepatch for a while, then quickly looking through the eye-
>piece to capture glimpses of detail sounds like a good approach.
>Clear skies, Jim, and thanks again for the logs!
>Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@jovian.com>
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