(IAAC) Messier IAAC challenge!

Hi, fellow observers! While browsing our archive today, I happened to
look over the Messier objects observed, and discovered a few missing!
And what's more, several other Messiers - while they do appear in the
archive somewhere - still seemed woefully under-represented.
And it just so happens that ALL of these "missing Messiers", and most
all those needing further detail, happen to be visible right now! :)
So I thought I'd send out an observing challenge to all readers: If
you get the chance these next couple of lunations, why not put these
bright "Old Chestnuts" on your observing list, and then send us on
IAAC a log of just what you saw! Or mine your old Marathon logs, and
share with us what you've seen in the past.
Here are the Challenge Messiers:
As of 04 Apr 2001, the IAAC does NOT have logs for these Messiers...
    M23, Open Cluster, Mag 5.5, Sagittarius.
        The NGC catalog describes this cluster as "B, vL, pRi, lC"
    M90, Spiral Galaxy, Mag 9.5, Virgo.
        The NGC catalog describes this galaxy as "pL, bMN"
    M91, Barred Spiral, Mag 10.2, Coma Berenices.
        The NGC catalog describes this galaxy as "B, L, lE, lbM"
And these Messiers are nominally included, but could use more detail!
    M72, Globular Cluster, Mag 9.4, Aquarius.
    M73, Multiple Star, Mag 9, Aquarius.
    M84, Elliptical Galaxy, Mag 9.1, Virgo.
    M85, Spiral Galaxy, Mag 9.2, Coma Berenices.
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer
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