(IAAC) **PLEASE READ** Change in mailing list policy!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a high volume of administrative activity on the two lists
'meteorobs' and 'netastrocatalog', I'll no longer be personally approving each
subscribe/unsubscribe request originated on the lists' respective Web sites.
Instead, ANY attempt to subscribe to either list will result in a request for
authentication being sent to the SUBMITTED SUBSCRIBER ADDRESS. Note that this
has the advantage that we should no longer have problems with immature users
of the Internet subscribing other people without their knowledge, as a "joke"
or in an attempt to annoy or harass someone. However it will mean that adding
yourself back to one of our lists will now require one additional step...
Also please note that *unsubscribe* requests will continue to work as they
always have: an unsubscribe request from your *subscribed account* will be
handled automatically, while such a request from any *other account* will
still have to be personally approved by me.
I hope this will improve the quality of all our readers' maillist experience.
However, if anyone has any questions, comments, or complaints, please do not
hesitate to *contact me privately* about them, at the following address:
And as always, if you have trouble administering your own subscription, you
can always contact me privately, and I will try to help you.
Clear skies everyone, and thank you for your continued interest!
Lew Gramer
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