(IAAC) C/1999 T1, the Great "Northern" Spot - 2/19/01 UT

Hello All,
What a great nite!
Very steady and transparent early on, and it got only a little worse as the 
night progressed.
I was at the Naylor Observatory in Lewisberry, PA, using the 17" Classical 
Cassegrain. (www.astrohbg.org)
I also had a nice view of  Saturn, and viewed Jupiter, before fellow member 
Dave Mitsky departed. Dave said before I arrived he was viewing Jupiter and 
Saturn at 404X. Dave and I viewed Jupiter, and low and behold, about 1/4 way 
in on the left limb of the northern equatorial belt, was the so called Great 
Northern Spot that has recently been generating discussion. Very dark, and 
fairly large. 
Then after Dave left, I viewed several galaxies in Leo (NGC 2903, M-95, M-96, 
M-105, etc.)
I then viewed several other objects before Hercules rose, with C/1999 T1, I 
viewed M-13 while I was waiting for the other half of his body to rise. It 
sure was nice to see a nice globular cluster again :) I then browsed around 
Hercules to find Comet McNaught Hartley, for I only had Sky and Telescope 
visual chart to work off of. The last time I saw the comet was during the 
Quad meteor shower, and the comet has definitely dimmed considerably since 
then, I wish I would have viewed it between Jan and now, but it was rising 
too late for me to stay up, and too early for me to wake up :). I couldn't 
notice a tail on the comet this time, and minimal structure in the coma was 
I also saw a nice meteor at 12:34 AM EST, right out of the tail of Leo. 
About-4 mag.
It sure was good to have a good CLEAR night around these parts, last clear 
night was a week ago, seems we only get 1 clear night a week... I hate the 
weather around here sometimes. And to have a good clear, stable, and 
transparent night, comes 2 times a year :) Alas, the weather doesn't look 
good for the rest of the week :)
I'm off to bed...
~Ted A. Nichols II
Member - Astronomical Society of Harrisburg
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