(IAAC) Fwd Re: No more Shakhbazians?

I will be sure to help publicize these pages when they are online again!
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer
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Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 16:36:45 +0100
From: andreas.domenico@t-online.de (Andreas Domenico)
To: Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com>
Subject: Re: No more Shakhbazians?
Dear Lew, 
Thank you very much for your interest in my Shakhbazian website and your
very kind offer to host them on your server. Though this is not
necessary, because the website is only temporarily down. I hope it will
soon be online again, though under a new URL. I'll gonna let you know
the new URL as soon as the site is uploaded again.
Clear skies,
Andreas Domenico
Lew Gramer wrote:
> Andreas, I was directing a friend to your excellent Web pages about "Observing
> the Shakhbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies" today, when I discovered they were
> no longer online. I hope you have not lost interest in the deep-sky, and given
> up on displaying information about the Shakhbazian groups on your site! (This
> would be especially bad, as yours is the ONLY site I could find on the Web for
> the amateur observation of these fascinating groups.)
> BTW, if you are not interested in hosting these pages on your site, but you
> still have the HTML source, let me know: I have a site which I'd be happy to
> use to host them. Thanks!
> Clear skies,
> Lew Gramer
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