Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes

 Hi everyone,
	Well, I've found a way to get magnitudes on just about any star you
	First go to http://www.nofs.navy.mil/data/FchPix/sfra.html
This site will print out a chart.  From this chart get a very accurate
location for the star in question and then go to
This site will give a printout like the one that follows.  I have two
questions that I hope someone can answer.  How do you convert the right
ascension format used below to the one that uses actual hours and
minutes?  Also, how do red and blue magnitudes generally compare to
visual magnitudes?
  nr ID                ra        dec    r_mag b_mag qual  field  gsc   
d'     pa  
   1 U0975_06559340 161.03434  11.70866 19.1  19.8   0    00491   -  
0.063  71.537
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