Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes

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From: "Josch Hambsch" <hambsch@pandora.be>
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Subject: Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 20:12:59 +0100
Dear Mark,
I am using the USNO A2.0 on my harddisk together with GUIDE it works very
well. You get red, blue, green magnitudes of the USNO stars. I do CCD (with
ST8) and use Astroart software for the photometry of my pics (using USNO).
Also this works flawlessly.
Since harddisk space is no longer the problem it is very easy to take
advantage of this database. Maybe the only problem is to get the CD's.
They are no longer available from USNO directly.
Best regards, Josch
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From: Mark <deepsky@onemain.com>
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Subject: Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes
> Yikes!!  This doesn't look like a very user friendly database.  Please
> give us a review when you get the time to try out the software.  Even if
> it's very time consuming it would be nice to have the CD set for
> occasional use if the cost is not too high.
> Mark
> > The accompanying catalogue A1.0 and A2.0 from USNO are based on DSS scans
> > along with astrometric and photometric data for stars beyond the GSC
> > database (that is maybe between 15 and 20th mag). It is available for part
> > directly at USNO (10+ CDs for the entire version and 1 for a selected areas
> > version) and some software (like Guide) allow to use them. I have the 10+
> > CDs set but have not had the time yet to test it on my computer.
> >
> > clear skies, Yann.
> >
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