Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes

with respect to your question (I would like to start including the magnitudes 
of some of the field"),   I'm not sure if your working from a ccd image or 
visual.  If it's a ccd image then there are several programs that allow you 
to go in a calabrate on a known magnitudes of one to several stars and then 
determine other star magnitudes in the image. (MaxIm DL, MPO2000 among 
several).  AstroArt goes one step further and lets you pick off as many 
image/star map matches as you can and then goes in and determines the 
magnitude of all the star images in the frame (on an ST 7 frame it usually 
finds several hundred stars and determines magnitude and ra/dec) -well in a 
star rich field anyway.  You can also use the USNO SA2.0 data set with 
Astroart  to go down to stars in the 19ish magnitude range (most of the 
starmap data bases only go to around 15).  The web address for AstroArt is 
www.msb-astroart.com    .  You can go in and see what the program does.  
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