Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes

Just a question... what kind of scope are you using to go past 16th
magnitude? ;)
>I would like to start including the magnitudes of some of the field
>stars in my drawings.  The problem is I don't know how to go about doing
>this.  It seems the online catalogues and megastar only go down to mag
>15 or 16.  I was wondering if there is some software out there that
>would allow magnitudes to be derived with relative accuracy from dss
>images.  If one or two of the stars in the image were of known magnitude
>they could be used to calibrate the software so that the magnitudes of
>other stars in the image could be obtained.  This would not be the most
>accurate method but would certainly beat the estimates I could make
>simply by looking at an image.
>	How do you arrive at the magnitudes of stars for which there is no
>readily available data?
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Michael Lott
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