(IAAC) Any meteor watchers planning to attend Winter Star Pary 2001?

I have the good fortune to be attending the WSP down on West Summerland Key FL
this year. However, I will not be bringing my 20" or any other large observing
instrument! Instead, I intend to enjoy views through fellow attendees' scopes,
and most often, simply to set up my lawn chair and observe meteors each night!
I am an avid meteor watcher, who does regular meteor recording and reporting
for both scientific analysis and fun, using the standardized methodology laid
out by the International Meteor Organization. That method consists of frequent
Limiting Magnitude estimates using the Star Count method, plus recording both
meteor magnitudes and shower associations (using IMO's three criteria of path
alignment, path length, and angular velocity).
I watch meteors fairly seriously. HOWEVER, I love to have company from other
folks who are "just watching". So I'm hoping to locate - via email ahead of
time - other WSP attendees with at least a passing interest in meteors! If
you or someone in your local Club will be attending WSP '01, and might be
interested in joining me for an hour or two (or more) of meteor observing
during that week, please email me!
If I hear from more than one person, I'll make an effort to keep all of us
"WSP meteorites" in touch via email prior to the event.
Clear skies all, and many meteors!
Lew Gramer, ATMs of Boston, American Meteor Society
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