(IAAC) Virus alert: "HANSON.SCR"

If *any PC user* has received an email with the above "HANSON.SCR" attachment
in it in the past day, I ask that you REFRAIN FROM POSTING TO OUR LISTS until
such time as you have identified this virus on your system, and downloaded an
appropriate anti-virus "antidote" to eliminate it...
Note that this virus alert is NOT yet confirmed by any of the certification
services. But I have JUST OBSERVED IT to be able to replicate itself within
a very short period of time... I'm unsure yet whether a user must explicitly
launch this attachment or not to be infected, and whether it has detrimental
effects other than replicating itself. But I respectfully ask that all our
readers with PCs accommodate this restriction for now.
Lew Gramer <onwer-meteorobs@jovian.com>
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