Re: (IAAC) OBJ: NGC4605 (galaxy) INST: NEWT 14.5" FL=1580

yeah, sold the 10", getting the 7" in march??!!
it's great, but the telescoping poles do take a few minutes to get perfectly.
ummmmmmmm, we have simply less people here, but it's still bad. I happen to
live in a fairly good area where late night
it can get to mag. 5.2, but I do live pretty far out.. just a bit further
by 20 minutes to 30 minutes I know of a spot that is better than 5.5, but
only at the zenith
an hour away, mag. 6!
At 10:03 AM 11/20/00 -0800, you wrote:
>You seem to have better luck in your suburban location
>than I do in mine (central NJ, between Princeton and
>New Brunswick, with Newark and New York as well as
>Philly impacting the night sky...). Does the Boston
>area have better light pollution laws than we do
>(actually, do they have any?)?
>Also: Any update on your Teleport? I saw one in action
>two summers ago and was very impressed. I'm
>considering the 14.5" (despite the long lead time),
>and was wondering if you had any changes to your level
>of enthusiasm (assuming you haven't re-sold it!!!).
>Thanks much!
>Fred Kiesche
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