(IAAC) Re: (meteorobs) The color of the night sky

Robert, I think you are correct about afterimage complementarity and the 
(apparent) color of the night sky. However, I have also observed meteors
from a very dark site WITHOUT a red flashlight, e.g., Lyrid peak in 1998
from Long Key FL, when I used a tape recorder and WWV signal all night.
(Thus, I had no need to ever look at charts, watch, or a recording form!)
Under such circumstances, I can verify that the night sky seemed to me to
have (away from the Zodiacal Band, Gegenschein, Zodiacal Light, Milky Way,
etc.) a distinctive deep, dark blue-green tint. This is certainly more in-
dicative of my eyes than anything else: if I WERE in fact picking up actual
airglow, the chance that I accurately perceived its color is next to nil.
I'd love to hear who else has observed under such lightless circumstances,
which is after all extremely rare among us red-light-happy astronomers. ;>
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer
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