Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 604 - Inst: 40" f/5 dob

Did you notice any colour in NGC 604? Last year another observer and myself
using my 20" thought it had a distinct orange colour.
>Observer: Mark G.Birkmann
>Instrument: 40" f/5 dob
>Magnification: 408x, 858x
>Object(s): NGC 604
>Category: Extragalactic HII. Extragalactic star.
>Constellation: Triangulum
>While observing m33 at low power I noticed how bright ngc 604 was and
decided to
>take a look with higher power.  I'm glad I did!  I was amazed to be able to
>detail in an extragalactic nebula.  It looked for all the world like a child's
>representation of a Christmas tree, complete with blinking lights!
Nick Martin, Bonnyton House, By Ayr, Ayrshire KA6 7EW ,Scotland, UK.
 Latitude 55 24'56" Longitude 4 26' 00".
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