(IAAC) stars in ngc 604

I finally got to spend a few nights out under the
stars with the scope!  I made several drawings
and will post them on my web site over the next
week or two as time allows.  The first is of ngc
604.  For those of you on the big dob list it can
be seen at
Jens Bohle reported seeing several stars in the
star cluster associated with ngc 604 using 16"
and 20" scopes.  I'm not sure whether or not I
saw them.  Anyone know of a web site or book with
a chart showing the positions of the brighter
stars in this cluster?  Jens reports that the
brighter members are about mag. 16.  At the time
of the observation I was very excited to be
observing a nebula in another galaxy.  I didn't
dream of ever being able to see an individual
star in another galaxy.  When I first got started
in astronomy about 10 or 12 years ago I remember
reading that it was not possible to see
individual stars in other galaxies, even with
large scopes.  Now it appears that this may
indeed be possible.  This is very exciting!
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