Re: (IAAC) Edge-on???

On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Martin Baur wrote:
> The following list includes the finest and brightest Edge-on-galaxies of
> the northern sky.
> The point is: I generated the list by the analysis of my galaxy
> database. All I did: I made
> a questioning that calculated the edge-on-shape from the galaxy's major
> and minor diameter.
> First I subtracted the minor diam. from the major diam. Then I divided
> the resulting difference
> through the (major diameter/100). This result expressed in percent is a
> measure for the
> edge-on-shape. Galaxies with values over 70 percent are fine edge-on.
> So it's very easy to create custom-made lists without a bothersome and
> time-consuming
> search in your database.
You are aware that you missed somevery fine edge-on's with a thicker
bulge, I guess, such as M104 (e.g.) ?
Clear skies, Hartmut
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