(IAAC) SOHO planetary images

SOHO is usually known for great solar images.  You've probably already heard
that several of the planets are within 25 degrees of each other in the sky
from our perspective.  (and no - our planet will not self-destruct as a
result)  We can't see this alignment because it is occurring on the other
side of the Sun from us, but we can view some of them with the help of SOHO.
Go to http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html
select the LASCO C3 image and you can see Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury from
left to right respectively.
You can also check out the movie page at
and select the C3 and view the planets actually moving in their orbits...
Pretty cool to a geek like me...
Clear skies,
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