Re: (IAAC) correction (was Edwin Hubble, Ph.D. : the @stro object for the week of 04/10/2000)

>It is my understanding that he did use redshift to determine distance.
>That's basically the crux of his 'Hubble's Constant' which basically states
>that the further away an object is from us, the faster the object is
>receding (traveling away) from us, and hence its deeper red shift.
>Hence the deeper the red shift, the more distant the object.  Please advise
>if this is incorrect.
That is what he was able to demonstrate.  He actually used Cepheid 
variables to estimate the distance to those galaxies and correlated 
that against the recession velocity obtained from the red shift of 
the absorption lines in the light coming from the galaxies.  The 
amazing thing is that if you look at the data he actually published 
the actual correlation was pretty bad; with the amount of data and 
much larger distances we can actually measure the proportionality 
much better than he ever could.
Good Luck,
Herb Schulz
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