(IAAC) Re: Comets : the @stro object for the week of 04/03/2000

> @stro object of the week
> Some famous naked-eye comets include:
> Comet Hale-Bopp (discovered in 1995)
> Comet Hyakutake (discovered in 1996)
> Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (discovered in 1993)
Hmm? SL9 naked eye ? From Jove, of course .. or was I blind ? 
From my memory: SL9 was that comet which got destructed in Jovian orbit,
the debris smashing impressively into Jupiter in late July, 1994. The
comet debris were observable by larger telescopes only, impact sites on
Jupiter were very impressive .. in [moderate amateur] telescopes! 
Best wishes,
  Hartmut Frommert <spider@seds.org, URL:http://www.seds.org/~spider/>
The SL9 crash was just a heavenly celebration of Apollo 11 25th anniversary!
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