(IAAC) Supernova in Hydra may brighten beyond mag 14

N4965 has total mag 12.75 or so, lies not far from M83, and sits in a wide-angle
field of 4 other, much fainter galaxies in the bowels of Hydra. Worth a look in
large and mid-size scopes, especially if the SN continues to brighten!
Lew Gramer
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Subject:  SN 2000P in NGC 4965
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Dear SN watchers,
  IAUC 7378 informed the SN discovery by French amateur Robin
Chassagne on Mar. 8.03 UT at 14.1C !  This can become more bright, so
the followup observation is quite urged. 
  The position of SN 2000P is: R.A. = 13h07m10s.56, Decl. =
- -28o14'02".5 (2000.0), which is 15".8 east and 20".6 south of the
nucleus of nearly face-on SABd galaxy NGC 4965.  The coordinate on
IAUC 7378 measured by the undersigned has revised as [vsnet-alert
4368].  The object is superimposed on the inner arm.  There are some
stars around the galaxy, but all further from the nucleus than SN.  
  The recession velocity of the group of galaxies including this host
is about 2000 km/s, which indicate that the typical SN Ia can become
brigter than 14 mag at its maximum.  From the discovery magnitude, it
should be among the SN of the bright nature.  Further monitoring and
the spectroscopical confirmation is strongly urged.
Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan
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