(IAAC) Trip to the U.S. for the TSP.

Hi everyone
I'm heading to the U.S. for the TSP. I will be driving from L.A. to
Midland Texas from the 17th of April arriving at Midland on Sunday 30th.
I was wondering if there are any people who live alomg the route that
taking who could lend a hand in suggesting some places to stay, eat,
and tour
along the way. I will be driving up to Death Valley, across to Las Vegas
then across to Flagstaff. I will then be doing the usual things like
Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Valley de Chelly and the meteor crater
if I can
find exactly where it is. After the usual sites I will be going over to
Albuquerque(I spelt that without checking) through the Petrified forest.
I may visit Los Alamos near Santa Fee or go to Roswell (smile). From
there down to El Paso and on to Midland.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
Are there any interesting sites that are on the way that are worth
Are there any camping grounds near any of the listed attractions or
motels that anyone can recommend.
I know that this is not Astronomy related but I thought that some of
readers may be able to help.
I look forward to meeting some of you at the TSP.
Clear Skies
Andrew Murrell
P.S. I'm Happy to help anybody who is visiting Australia in a similar
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