(IAAC) New "Deep Sky!" magazine now available

This new publication is an extension of the efforts of the National Deep
Sky Observers Society (NDSOS), a U.S. alternative (or complement) to the
Webb Society based mostly in the U.K. Drop Alan Goldstein a line if you
are interested in "Deep Sky!" or the NDSOS. Or check out their Website:
Clear skies all!
Lew Gramer
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From: Deepskyspy1@cs.com
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 19:43:23 EST
Subject: The Deep Sky is printed!
Good news! Our first issue of "The Deep Sky" has been printed. I will be at 
the Winter Star Party giving away copies and will mail the rest upon my 
return on Feb. 10. Thank you those who contributed to this first issue. 
Help me beat the bushes for potential readers - we've made plenty of copies 
to distribute - and we will need to get 50 new subscribers to help keep us 
going. My goal is between 10 and 20 new readers at the WSP. Last time I gave 
out copies of "Betelgeuse"  that didn't work. But we have a terrific product 
and Gordon Bond busted his (well, fill in the blank with the word of your 
choice) to get this quality magazine out in time! We have some terrific 
articles in the pipeline and are building up a file of images by top quality 
deep sky imagers! If there is anything you would like to see, let me know 
after I get back and I'll see what we can do.
Think about your observing associates. If you know of anyone interested in
the deep sky, send me their address and I'll put a copy in their hands. Also,
if you know any potential advertisers - let me know and I'll send them a
sample issue to peruse. We will need advertising revenue to succeed.
Clear skies,
P.S. I will be away from my computer and have unsubscribed from list serves. 
Nonetheless, there is no telling how much e-mail I will have upon my return. 
Please be patient if I don't respond to you right away.
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