(IAAC) Interesting "Observing Weather" site [esp. North America]

Check out the following site:
It includes a map showing a rating scale for "observing conditions" across North
America, easy access to satellite pix, dewpoint & temperature forecasts, general
information on skygazing and events, and even aurora data & forecasts...
It is currently specific to North America, but appears to be set up to cover the
whole Globe... I only just discovered this site, so I make no representations as
to its accuracy or applicability! But here's a quote from the site:
"Our computers are considering both sky obscuration by clouds and fog and the
effect on viewing conditions of atmospheric moisture, instability and wind.
These other factors contribute to a phenomenon known as scintillation or star
twinkling. The best viewing conditions are found with dry, stable clear
conditions with little wind. In addition to the SKYcast product, you can monitor
cloud conditions with satellite imagery, and for those planning outside viewing,
forecasts of temperatures and wind chills."
There's even a fine write-up on this site about meteor observing! It's by one
"Jeff Kanipe". Does anyone know who Jeff is, or how to contact him? I wanted to
compliment him on the quality of factual data and writing in this page:
Have fun and clear skies!
Lew Gramer
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