Re: (IAAC) [amastro]

>Yann, amastro is the 'rival' list I refered to in my last "What is IAAC?"
>message: it ranges across a much broader topic area, including CCD imaging,
>equipment discussions, photography, deep-sky astrophysics, etc. Jeff Medkeff
>founded it in 1997, when I asked him to move his "what is the best eyepiece"
>thread elsewhere. As Owen intimates, no public invitations are sent out to
>join 'amastro' - the list is far too busy for some to keep up with as it is,
>and were the contributors from a broader base of the Internet community, I
>think the email volume might well be unmanageable.
>You can join 'amstro' directly by going to the following Web site:
>    http://www.egroups.com/list/amastro/info.html
>I think you in particular will find the list very stimulating. All I plead
>is that you continue to cross-post your wonderful observing logs here. :)
>Clear skies!
>Lew Gramer
Nothing will keep me away from posting logs to the IAA C(it is also good
for me to have permanent formated files of my observations) except
temporary external matters (ie Ciel Extreme publication, etc.), nothing I
sware :-)
And as long as the "delete" button exist on my keyboard, I can always zap
not so interesting messages.
BTW, a new special file is accessible on ciel extreme's site for everyone
with M99 as a guest star at:
of course in french but with images that are speaking to every observer.
Enjoy and clear skies, yann.
Yann Pothier
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
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