Re: (IAAC) [amastro] Re: Update on Filter/Object Comparison Project

Yann, amastro is the 'rival' list I refered to in my last "What is IAAC?"
message: it ranges across a much broader topic area, including CCD imaging,
equipment discussions, photography, deep-sky astrophysics, etc. Jeff Medkeff
founded it in 1997, when I asked him to move his "what is the best eyepiece"
thread elsewhere. As Owen intimates, no public invitations are sent out to
join 'amastro' - the list is far too busy for some to keep up with as it is,
and were the contributors from a broader base of the Internet community, I
think the email volume might well be unmanageable.
You can join 'amstro' directly by going to the following Web site:
I think you in particular will find the list very stimulating. All I plead
is that you continue to cross-post your wonderful observing logs here. :)
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer
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