(IAAC) Re: Science.Nasa.Gov terminated Monday, Jan. 10, 2000

I assume this means the end of the regular "NASA Science News" mailings as well?
This was tragic news, and also precipitously sudden! This outreach was by far
the most effective direct public program which I've ever heard NASA being
involved in. The only other successes NASA can cite in this regard, I believe,
relate to the (non-interactive) mass media. In particular, the coverage of
meteor science and related topics was head-and-shoulders above any other such
public products available outside of the amateur meteor organizations "per se"!
It was especially surprising considering the benefit derived by MSFC from the
enthusiastic amateur participation in a recent Leonid data gathering campaign!
Why and how was this sudden, unfortunate decision arrived at?
Clear skies all,
Lew Gramer
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