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Subject: [AAVSO-DIS] Visual discovery of a bright nova in Aquila
Dear Colleagues,
We have been informed by the Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams (IAU
Circ. 7323 - http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/cbat.html) that Alfredo
Pereira (AAVSO member, active observer, and a visual nova searcher) at
Cabo da Roca, Portugal has discovered a bright nova during his visual
search in Aquila on Dec. 1.785 UT at about magnitude 6.0.
Precise position of Nova Aql 1999, No. 2 reported by D. Di Cicco
(Sudbury, MA) is:
   R.A. = 19h 23m 05s.38
   Decl.= +04 57' 20".1    (Equinox 2000.0)
Visual observations since discovery range from magnitude 5.8 to 5.1.
An AAVSO NewsFlash and an Alert Notice together with a chart on this
bright nova will be issued and put on the AAVSO website (www.aavso.org)
Congratulations to Alfredo on his discovery!
Good observing!
Janet A. Mattei
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