Re: (IAAC) The SMC

G'day Andrew,
Just a quick note to express my admiration for the fine job you have
done on your SMC site -- wonderful!  
Any thoughts of expanding that to include the LMC as well?  I don't
recall from your post if you asked for suggestions (I hope you will
receive this one in the friendly spirit in which it is intended), but
your discussion of the different atlases' views of the SMC would be
greatly enhanced by a photograph of each, showing directly comparable
views of the same part of the sky. One more thing to add to that
already-too-long list, eh? But it is just an idea.
Once again, congratulations on a job well done.
Best regards,
Thomas O'Hara, PhD
San Diego, California, USA
"If God had consulted me before embarking on Creation,
I would have recommended something simpler."
   --Alfonso X, King of Castile (1252)
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