(IAAC) naked eye objects

Hi to all again,
I have left some more objects (ie too faint or small for naked eye
visibility) and here is a better listing.
clear skies, yann.
n Cat.; a; d; const.; type
Blanco 01; 00h04.3m; S2956'; SCL; open cluster
Cr 065; 05h26.0m; N1600'; ORI; open cluster
Cr 069; 05h35.1m; N0956'; ORI; open cluster
Cr 070; 05h36.0m; S0100'; ORI; open cluster
Cr 089; 06h18.0m; N2338'; GEM; open cluster
Cr 106; 06h37.1m; N0557'; MON; open cluster
Cr 121; 06h54.2m; S2438'; CMA; open cluster
Cr 132; 07h14.4m; S3110'; CMA; open cluster
Cr 135; 07h17.0m; S3650'; PUP; open cluster
Cr 140; 07h23.9m; S3212'; CMA; open cluster
Cr 316; 16h55.5m; S4050'; SCO; open cluster
Cr 399; 19h25.4m; N2011'; VUL; open cluster
Cr 464; 05h22.0m; N7300'; CAM; open cluster
IC 0348; 03h44.5m; N3217'; PER; open cluster+diffuse nebula
IC 1396; 21h39.1m; N5730'; CEP; open cluster+diffuse nebula
IC 1805; 02h32.7m; N6127'; CAS; open cluster+diffuse nebula
IC 1848; 02h51.2m; N6026'; CAS; open cluster+diffuse nebula
IC 4665; 17h46.3m; N0543'; OPH; open cluster
IC 4725; 18h31.6m; S1915'; SGR; open cluster
IC 4756; 18h39.0m; N0527'; SER; open cluster
IC 4996; 20h16.5m; N3738'; CYG; open cluster
M002; 21h33.5m; N0049'; AQR; globular cluster
M003; 13h42.2m; N2823'; CVN; globular cluster
M004; 16h23.6m; S2632'; SCO; globular cluster
M005; 15h18.6m; N0205'; SER; globular cluster
M006; 17h40.1m; S3213'; SCO; open cluster
M007; 17h53.9m; S3449'; SCO; open cluster
M008; 18h03.1m; S2423'; SGR; open cluster+diffuse nebula
M011; 18h51.1m; S0616'; SCT; open cluster
M012; 16h47.2m; S0157'; OPH; globular cluster
M013; 16h41.7m; N3628'; HER; globular cluster
M015; 21h30.0m; N1210'; PEG; globular cluster
M016; 18h18.8m; S1347'; SER; open cluster+diffuse nebula
M017; 18h20.8m; S1611'; SGR; open cluster+diffuse nebula
M018; 18h19.9m; S1708'; SGR; open cluster
M020; 18h02.3m; S2302'; SGR; open cluster+diffuse nebula
M021; 18h04.6m; S2230'; SGR; open cluster
M022; 18h36.4m; S2354'; SGR; globular cluster
M023; 17h56.8m; S1901'; SGR; open cluster
M024; 18h17.0m; S1835'; SGR; open cluster
M025; 18h31.6m; S1915'; SGR; open cluster
M028; 18h24.5m; S2452'; SGR; globular cluster
M029; 20h23.9m; N3832'; CYG; open cluster
M031; 00h42.8m; N4116'; AND; galaxy
M033; 01h33.9m; N3040'; TRI; galaxy
M034; 02h42.0m; N4247'; PER; open cluster
M035; 06h08.9m; N2420'; GEM; open cluster
M036; 05h36.1m; N3408'; AUR; open cluster
M037; 05h52.4m; N3233'; AUR; open cluster
M038; 05h28.7m; N3550'; AUR; open cluster
M039; 21h32.2m; N4826'; CYG; open cluster
M041; 06h47.0m; S2044'; CMA; open cluster
M042; 05h35.3m; S0523'; ORI; open cluster+diffuse nebula
M044; 08h40.1m; N1959'; CNC; open cluster
M045; 03h47.0m; N2407'; TAU; open cluster+diffuse nebula
M046; 07h41.8m; S1449'; PUP; open cluster
M047; 07h36.6m; S1430'; PUP; open cluster
M048; 08h13.8m; S0548'; HYA; open cluster
M050; 12h29.8m; N0801'; MON; open cluster
M052; 23h24.2m; N6135'; CAS; open cluster
M062; 17h01.2m; S3007'; OPH; globular cluster
M067; 08h50.4m; N1149'; CNC; open cluster
M081; 09h55.6m; N6904'; UMA; galaxy
M092; 17h17.1m; N4308'; HER; globular cluster
M093; 07h44.6m; S2352'; PUP; open cluster
Mel 020; 03h27.9m; N4852'; PER; open cluster
Mel 022; 04h26.9m; N1552'; TAU; open cluster
Mel 111; 12h25.1m; N2607'; COM; open cluster
NGC 0253; 00h47.5m; S2518'; SCL; galaxy
NGC 0281; 00h52.8m; N5637'; CAS; open cluster+diffuse nebula
NGC 0752; 01h57.8m; N3741'; AND; open cluster
NGC 0869; 02h19.0m; N5709'; PER; open cluster
NGC 0884; 02h22.4m; N5707'; PER; open cluster
NGC 1499; 04h03.3m; N3625'; PER; diffuse nebula
NGC 1746; 05h03.6m; N2349'; TAU; open cluster
NGC 1981; 05h35.2m; S0426'; ORI; open cluster
NGC 2232; 06h26.6m; S0445'; MON; open cluster
NGC 2237; 06h30.3m; N0503'; MON; open cluster+diffuse nebula
NGC 2244; 06h32.4m; N0452'; MON; open cluster+diffuse nebula
NGC 2264; 06h41.1m; N0953'; MON; open cluster+diffuse nebula
NGC 2451; 07h45.4m; S3758'; PUP; open cluster
NGC 2546; 08h12.4m; S3738'; PUP; open cluster
NGC 5128; 13h25.3m; S4301'; CEN; galaxy
NGC 6124; 16h25.6m; S4040'; SCO; open cluster
NGC 6231; 16h54.0m; S4148'; SCO; open cluster
NGC 6530; 18h04.8m; S2420'; SGR; open cluster
NGC 6633; 18h27.7m; N0634'; OPH; open cluster
NGC 6871; 20h05.9m; N3547'; CYG; open cluster
NGC 7000; 20h58.8m; N4420'; CYG; diffuse nebula
NGC 7243; 22h15.3m; N4953'; LAC; open cluster
NGC 7293; 22h29.6m; S2048'; AQR; planetary nebula
Sh2-264; 05h35.0m; N10:; ORI; diffuse nebula
Sh2-276; 05h48.0m; N01:; ORI; diffuse nebula
Steph 01; 18h53.5m; N3655'; LYR; open cluster
Stock 02; 02h15.0m; N5916'; CAS; open cluster
Tr 10; 08h47.8m; S4229'; VEL; open cluster
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