Re: (IAAC) Fwd: SN1999el in NGC 6951 continues to brighten!

>>>Objects viewed... and the open clusters NGC 7790, NGC 7788,
>>>Berkeley 58, Frolov 1, Harvard 21, and King 12.
Well, Dave, believe it or not, Yann Pothier has logged MOST of the objects on
your list to the IAAC. (I checked after posting that last message.) His busy
telescope and fine eye have posted logs of ALL of the above with his 8" SCT!
However what's missing for all of these are logs with which to compare them.
Like all observers, Yann has a particular (very good) observing and logging
style; but that may or may not give another observer an idea of what THEY
would see or log for the same object... After all, that's the whole idea of
the IAAC: what am *I* truly able to see, versus what a Brian Skiff, a Jay
McNeil, or a Tom Polakis might see? :)
Clear skies!
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