Re: (IAAC) Supernova 1999el in NGC 6951 brightening!

Hello Butch,
Thank you. Yes, I would like to see your image. If this image is too large,
as Lew says, please give me the url address and I will retrieve it on weekend
(my connection is too slow and I cannot afford long times except on weekends
and after 11:00 pm, we still are an underdeveloped country) or, please, send
it attached in a message at friday night or saturday, so I can have it on the
Our club is named Eta Carinae. We try to go observing far from Lima at least
once a month around the New Moon. I have a 60 mm refractor and in our group
there are two Celestron 8", one starfinder 8" and one C11, besides
binoculars. Our interests are varied and adjusted to the season's objects.
[Last time we saw something strange.While looking Altair with a 11"
Celestron, used as a starting point for searching nearby objects, I suddenly
saw that Altair turned strongly red but it was not my eye. I changed eyes and
looking the other stars unchanged I wanted a friend to get a glimpse and he
also noticed the color, but after some seconds the color returned to normal.
What could it be?]
For long time I have been perplexed by the fact that some supposedly touching
objects seem to have far different redshifts. There is not much information
about this fact that could change profoundly the theories about the universe.
That is fascinating!
Thanks a lot.
"Butch (via Lew Gramer)" wrote:
> Unfortunately, Butch's image was too large to forwarded to our entire
> subscriber list! Butch, is it possible to put your image up on the Web
> somewhere, and post the URL here? Otherwise, please contact Butch via
> PRIVATE EMAIL at 'astro@buffnet.net' if you wish to receive this image.
> Clear skies!
> Lew Gramer
> ------- Forwarded Message
> Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 23:31:15 -0400
> From: Butch <astro@buffnet.net>
> Subject: Re: (IAAC) Supernova 1999el in NGC 6951 brightening!
> Hi Celso,
> My name is Butch, have a CCD image of Markarian 205. This image is not
> filtered and probably not suitable for spectra analysis. Just thought you
> might like the image. Sounds like you have a great observing site. Clear
> nights are hard to come by in New York.
Celso Montalvo
12o S; 77o W.; [UT - 5 hrs]
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