Giant Dob Deep-Sky Challenges (was Re: (IAAC) Supernova 1999el)

Tom et al, putting together a "Giant Dob Challenge List" sounds like an
excellent project! I know of at least four local amateurs around Boston (Mario,
you are one of them) with the equipment to try for such a list - and I might
even try for some of them with my meager little 20", too. :)
I'll keep my eye on other posts (here and elsewhere) for possible additions to
this list. Also, I'd be excited to keep a Web page for it on the IAAC site, once
we collect a few good challenges... There are similar sites already out there,
e.g., the excellent blackskies.com, but there's ALWAYS room for more!
BTW, Tom, some of the suggestions you got may not be that much of a challenge?
I've logged parts of all of these with 17.5" - if not smaller - scopes.
>* Pease 1, PN in M15
>* "Observing the Shakhbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies"
>  by Andreas Domenico, Member of the VdS-Fachgruppe Deep-Sky, Germany 
>  http://home.t-online.de/home/andreas.domenico/index.htm
(My "Shakh" count stands at two groups so far!)
>* M31 Globulars: http://redshift.home.pipeline.com/gcm31.htm
(At least two of these are in range of 8" scopes in dark skies.)
>* NGC6822: "E.E. Barnard's Galaxy: Over a Century of Observing"
(This one will fall to a portable refractor under the right sky! Of
course, there are innumerable extragalactic objects INSIDE n6822...)
>* Giant H-II Complexes in M74
>  http://redshift.home.pipeline.com/m74.htm
>* Arp Peculiar Galaxies
(Some of these are visible in 8" scopes.)
(I tried for Simeis 147 just the other night, but can't add that one yet. ;>)
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer
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