Re: (IAAC) Supernova 1999el in NGC 6951 brightening!

Hi Tom,
My sincere congratulations for your 40 incher. I read your message as if I
was looking a boy enjoying a big ice cream under the melting sun in a
summer day. I only have a modest 60 mm refractor and for years I dreamed
with an 8" S-C. I skip all objects that require more than 8" aperture, but
something I would do if I had the means would be to study those unusual
objects that seem to connect objects with far different redshifts, like
Markarian 205. Can you  (or will you) do astrophotography or CCD with your
40"? I would try getting spectra of those objects in a CCD. How would you
transport your monster? My observing site in the Andes (+2,800 m) has a
very clear and transparent sky during autumm through spring months
(normally visual magnitudes of 6.5 to 7) and you would exhilarate in joy
with your scope under that sky!
"Thomas O'Hara,PhD" wrote:
> Hi Lew,
> I'm in the process of building a 40" f/10 Ritchey-Chretien, which will
> be used very heavily for deepsky work. See attachment.
> ...
> If YOU had a 40" R-C all to your self for a night, where would you go
> (aside from the obvious showpiece objects?)
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