(IAAC) Supernova 1999el in NGC 6951 brightening!

The following supernova should now be coming into visual range for
larger amateur instruments! Host NGC 6951 is just 5 degrees NE of
the bright star Alderamin in Cep, near the Wmost border of Dra...
It's a good-size (3') SAB spiral approx. mag 11 - not a hard find!
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer
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Hitoshi YAMAOKA <yamaoka@rc.kyushu-u.ac.jp> posted:
> SN 1999el was discovered on Oct. 20.45 UT.  The location is: R.A.
>20h37m17s.83, Decl. +66o06'11".5 (2000.0), estimated by the BAO
>group. The estimated offsets by KAIT team was 21".7 east and 8".6
>south of the nucleus of NGC 6951, which is quite close to that by the
>BAO group (21".8 east and 8".4 south).  KAIT team noted that there are
>two bearby foreground stars; whose offsets from the nucleus are
>23".9E, 8.4"S (brighter one, mag about 17.3) and 19".4E, 8".8S (dimmer
>one, mag about 18.6).  The new object exist between these two.  
>The reported magnitudes are around 15.0 mag on Oct. 20 -- 22.
> The host galaxy NGC 6951 is type SABbc, and SN 1999el is overposed
>the innermost part of the disk.  There are many sorrounding foreground
>stars.  The recession velocity of this galaxy (about 1300 km/s) shows
>that it is on about the Virgo distance.  
And the esteemed Taichi Kato <tkato@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp> followed up:
>SN1999el rising (cont'd)
>  YYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
>  991019.199  <180C  (KAIT (from IAUC))
>  991019.440  <180C  (Beijing Astronomical Observatory (from IAUC))
>  991020.449  154C  (Beijing Astronomical Observatory (from IAUC))
>  991021.440  150C  (Beijing Astronomical Observatory (from IAUC))
>  991022.199  152C  (KAIT (from IAUC))
>  991023.769  150C  (J. M. Llapasset)
>  991024.447  <133  (H. Itoh)
>  991024.830  148C  (A. Moisson)
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