Re: (IAAC) Obj: M39, Epsilon Lyrae, Delta Lyrae, M57(unsuccessful), the Coathanger, Deneb, NGC 7000 (North American Nebula) (unsuccessful) - Inst: 10x50 binoculars

Lew Gramer wrote:
> Jens wrote:
> >> Few weeks ago I saw M 57 with a friends 10x50 Bino. I used two 2" O[III]
> >> Filters fixed in front if the objective lenses of the Bino. So M57 is
> >> easy to see. Try the other showpieces like Veil Nebulae, North America
> >> or NGC 281 using filters.
> And Dave wrote:
> > Doing M57 with 10x50's is pretty impressive.  I have been able to log it
> > with my Celestron 20x80's (unfiltered) from a fairly dark site.
> Guys, these BOTH sound like impressive observations - so how come we have
> not had the privilege of reading these logs on the IAAC yet?? ;>
> Lew
I logged 80 Messier objects with various binoculars and got stalled at that
point.  M76 was another tough one.
Dave Mitsky
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