Re: (IAAC) Obj: Abell 194 galaxy cluster, LEDA 73958, PGC 5314 - Inst: 16" LX-200, 10" f/4.5 Newt

Jeff wrote:
> Can anyone here share an observation of this cluster, particularly with
> respect to identifying the dimmest galaxies visible with a given instrument
> at that time? I have probably one more shot at finishing this sketch before
> the moon gets in the way, and I'd like to cheat off someone else's exam if
> possible to make sure I am mopping everything up properly. The goal here is
> more to test the sketch medium, than to break new observational ground.
Although the above was originally posted a while ago, I thought I
would respond since Lew stated that no one else has done so.
Bill Harris did a nice photograph of this Abell Cluster 194 back in Oct
with an 8" f/4 Wright Newtonian, I am examining the photograph as I
write this.
Jeffrey Corder sent me his Abell Galaxy Cluster Observing Log. He did
a detailed treatment on this cluster, as he did on all the Abell
he observed.
Looking at Jeffrey's log shows that he observed 21 galaxies in the
with the faintest one he labeled at 15.5 photographic magnitude (ZH 31)
from the
Zwicky-Humason identifications
These observations were done Nov 16, 1985 with a 17.5" Newtonian at 100
at LeHigh Acres, Florida.
Jeffrey did not observe Minkowski's object which is visible on Harris'
just outside the halo of NGC 541.
In fact NGC 541 appears in Halton Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
as Arp 133, mainly because Minkowski's Object (part of the radio source
3C40)is so close. BTW, Minkowski's Object is NOT plotted on MegaStar.
Minkowski's object is very strange looking  on my copy of Dr. Arp's
Very contorted looking with a spiral arm that is wrapping itself around
an elongated nucleus. It reminds me visually of the The Spider, (VV794,
in Leo Minor.
Will we ever understand it all?
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