(IAAC) brodband filter

Actually NGC 55 is extremely difficult from 40N lattitude. NGC 253 and much 
fainter NGC 247 are in better dec.
I have some questions about filters. I will be glad if you answer me.
Does a broadband filter help against tungsten and mercury lights?
Does a broadband filter improve galaxy or star cluster views in light 
polluted (tungsten and mercury. Few sodium) skies? Does it help to find 
faint objects, say M33, under light polluted skies.
Assume that, in a cluster, most of the stars have the same color. Does a 
color filter help to block some of the light pollution without giving much 
harm to the brightness of the cluster?
Can I improve the contrast between a red nebula and the sky by using a red 
filter? Maybe it may work like a very broad band nebula filter.
I know that there are many filters with narrow bandwidth but I am looking 
for a general solution (if exists). I mean I am looking for a solution that 
also improves the views of galaxies or star clusters.
Best wishes, clear skies
Erhan A. Ozturk
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