(IAAC) Re: M92 (was Re: Obj: IC 1296)

Dave Mitsky asked in a private email about my log of M92.
Hi, Dave! My original log lists the dark "lane" as cutting N-S
through the cluster core, completely cutting off the S half of
the core, but stopping just short (thanks to a little clump of
unresolved stars, as I recall) of the northern core edge.
There was also a small "tributary" or kink which split off of
the "lane" from very near the innermost area of the core, and
headed East some way toward the (fairly distinct) core edge.
BTW, I THINK I  recall seeing your "arc" of stars to the S on
that hazy night - but more as an amorphous "clump". As for the
void being a rectangle: maybe, but narrow and elongated if so.
Does it sound like we logged the same feature, Dave? By the
way, please share your logs of M92 in a 17" with the list!
Clear skies,
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