Re: (IAAC) Obj: VDBHA176 - Inst: 20" f5 dobsonian

Hi Andrew & Lew 
Andrew's VDBHA code refers to Sidney van den Bergh and Gretchen Hagen's 1975
catalogue of clusters ("Uniform survery of clusters in the southern Milky
Way", Astron.J., 80,1). 
Their survey found 262 clusters; they identify almost 200 of these with
clusters listed in Alter ("Catalogue of Clusters and Associations, 1970),
leaving 64 as "new".
The following information is included for each object:
- a running number
- cluster name or designation in Alter
- RA and Dec (1950)  "for some poor or scattered clusters the adopted
coordinates are quite uncertain"
- apparent diameter 
- richness  "all clusters in the 'very rich' group are globular clusters"
[vdB-Ha 176, although a globular, is marked 'moderate']
- an estimate of the degree of confidence in the reality of the cluster
based on inspection of both blue and red plates
- an indication of the visibility of the cluster on the red and blue plates
Clear skies,
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