(IAAC) Re: Catalogue of the Universe

John Isles wrote:
>I have a dream: an online catalogue of deep-sky objects linked to Webb
>Society observers' descriptions.  Any member would be able to upload his
>own descriptions or images of each object.  The database should be much
>easier to access than back issues of our magazines!  It could be a great
>resource for authors...
John, you may be surprised to discover that such a catalog already exists...
(That is, assuming you weren't just creating a lead-in for the following! ;>)
It is called the "Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog", or 'netastrocatalog'
for short, and many of the Webb Society's most active observers (as well as
others from the NDSOS, and yet others not associated with either society) are
already contributing to it! Further contribution from Webb Society members is
very welcome: the "IAAC" is open to observers at all levels world-wide.
Please refer to the following Web sites:
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@jovian.com>
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