Re: (IAAC) Fwd: Threat to Stellafane skies

Hi Lew and the group!!
> Forgive me for forwarding a US-specific, non-deep-sky item to our list. But then
> again, Stellafane truly is more an international event than merely a "Vermont
> star party", and dark skies ARE near and dear to all our hearts here...
Just to let you know, after I went to the  Stellefane website and 
signed the petition ( Out of Country concerned person), I had sent a 
note to the president Maryann Arrien about the fact that I was from 
Canada and was concerned if I signed the petition would it be 
counted. She assured me that it would, and was going to get the 
webpage setup up to let everyone know that all signatures from 
around the world would help.  They have until Tuesday  June 29 to get 
the petition signed, so please as concerend amateur astronomers for 
astronomy and light pollution , please visit the website.
Kim Hay
Moonlight Cascade Observatory/BBS
Astronomy-RASC,SARA,ALPO/AAVSO-Solar Section
NAMN-Meteor Observing,Ham Radio-VA3KDH
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