[Re]Re: [Re]Re: (IAAC) Obj: The Homunculus - Inst: 20

thank you for your concern!!!
My observing sites are variety, especially Mt. hwawang-height of 800M
I live in center of tae-jeon city.
so I observe in weekend usually.
and must go out to dark site far from city
unfortunatetly, this and next month are the rainy of season.
so I"m not observe now
I can see the Canopus only near the horizon, not see the Eta carina.
My favorate objects are planetary nebula and galaxy.
but usually observe the clusters
I"m a member of Taegu amateur astronomy association so called
Chumsungdae, the oldest observatory in Korea
lovely stars!!! from Jeseop
P.S My family name is Park.
>Actually, Andrew, Korea is quite far into the Northern Hemisphere!
>Much of the United States may actually be SOUTH of where Je lives...
>But Je, there is much you CAN see from your area, especially if the
>skies are dark! I second Andrew's encouragement to post what YOU can
>see from your favorite observing sites... Let us hear from you!
>Clear skies and good fortune,
>Lew Gramer
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