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From: "Michael G. Gavrilov - Chernogolovka" <gavrilov@sai.msu.su>
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Subject: International Olympics on Astronomy
Dear colleagues !
Here is an addition to the "Second announcement" about the 
4-th International Astronomy Olympiad (Nauchnyj, Crimea, 1999).
                                                     June 14, 1999.
To whom it may concern.
                            4-th International Astronomy Olympiad.
                             Addition to the Second announcement.
Dear colleagues !
Finaly the dates of The Fourth International Astronomy Olympiad
are defined as:
                     September 25 - October 2,  1999.
Please, infrom us, what extra information is necessary for you,
the answers for your requests will be done on 222-24 of June.
                                         Coordinating Council 
                               of the International Astronomy Olympiad,
Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Chairman of the Olympic Coordinating Council.
            ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Institute avenue 15,
             142432  Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.
                      fax: +7-(096-57)-64-111
                  URL: http://www.issp.ac.ru/iao/
                    e-mail: gavrilov@issp.ac.ru
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