Re: (IAAC) M 57 halo?

Hello, Jens, and thanks for forwarding your query: it's exactly on-topic here
on IAAC, and Big Dobs may not always the only (or best) way to log things. :)
To answer your question I did a quick search on our Web Archive for M57. You
can replicate this Web search yourself using this URL:
I came up with a number of wonderful observations - including a couple of my
own that brought back fond memories of old observing trips. But only ONE log
actually mentions observing the halo with a 10", and unfortunatly no details
are given. However, the author of this log (Michael Boschat) may have further
details stored in his original logs, or in his memories from that session.
Here's the URL for this log. Would you be able to comment further, Mike?
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer
At 01:20 PM 06/04/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>I have posted this last week on bigdob-l@ucsd.edu, but I think it might be 
>helpful for me to ask for it on IAAC...
>Is anybody out there who managed to see the Halo around M 57? I tried to
see it  
>with my 20incher in a good night (6,7mag)- but I had no success. I think the 
>problem is the weak [OIII]- emission of the Halo (strongest emission in
>With kind regards from Germany,  Jens
>P.S.: I got some descriptions of observations with a 36incher.
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