Re: (IAAC) Le Gentil's Nebula

In Glyn-Jones book TSFN ( which I think is still available from the webb
society cost about $5) The translation of Le Gentil 3 is
" The second is at the tail of Cygnus; it appeas to be of a different
nature from all th eother nebulae that have been observed up to now and
from the Mily Way across which it lies, making almost a right angle with
it. It is a large cloud, braoder at one end than the other; the small end
faces the south east. The cloud is about 6 degress distant from the tail of
Cygnus; it seems opaque and very dark; several stars can be seen with the
telescope in this part of the sky but none to the naked eye. The cloud can
be seen without the telescope."
At 20:00 01/06/99 -0400, Sue_and_Alan_French wrote:
>Thanks for the help.  I think we have the Journal at Dudley Observatory, and
>I'll look next time I'm in.
>Clear skies,   Sue
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