Re: (IAAC) Supernova

Harold -
If you're talking about the SN in NGC 2841, it's currently listed at 13.7 mag on
5/6/1999, and is projected to get to about 12mag on 5/12/1999, which is probably
within range of a 4-5" scope (depending on sky conditions; seeing, transparency
and darkness).
The SN in NGC 3198 is still at 17 mag on 5/2/1999, which is definitely out the
the range of my 8" reflector (faintest star visible is roughly 14mag)
The Astronomy section of the Rochester Institute of Science
(http://www.ggw.org/asras/snimages/) has a good web section devoted to SN. You
can also check the VSNet website
(http://www.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/vsnet/SNe.html) and ISN
(http://www.supernovae.net/isn.htm) for announcements and charts of SN.
Finally, Ken's Telescope Calculator (http://www.klhess.com/telecalc.html) is an
easy way to check the performance of your particular telescope as well as
various eyepiece combinations. And, if you want to know do the calculations
yourself, check out The Astronomy Connection's section on equipment
(http://www.seds.org/TAC/beginner.html) - there's some great info there!
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